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ばら色の世界 (A warm cup of ramen)

A warm cup of ramen ^_^

A Naruto fan community
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From the moderator:
This community is for fans who love Naruto both the anime and manga. So, just kick back and relax and have fun! ^_^

Well, there have to be some rules...sorry but ...
RULE #1: DO NOT PROTEST ANYTHING THAT IS YAOI OR SHONEN AI OR YURI!!! If you don't like it then don't join because I'm allowing it.

RULE #2: Things that are not permitted
~You cruely and repeatedly trash another character without reason. Give reasons for your hatred and don't let it spill over to another user *let's be nice*.
~You post MORE THAN ONE fic that does not have the proper warnings listed where they can be read prior to the reading of the story.
~STEALING IS NOT PERMITTED!!!!If you find a work of art that you like or a story which you want to post, please either ask the artist's/writer's permission or state who the artist/writer is. As an artist myself I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS. You've been warned. The post will be deleted, the artist/writer will be contacted and if it repeatedly happens you will be kicked out.

RULE #3: Please place any spoilers behind an lj-cut. Any post not doing this, will be deleted.

RULE #4: Please if you spam say that it's a spam. Thank you ^_^.

Any questions? Email the moderator @ shadowedestiny@aol.com Please put 'baraironosekai' in the subject line please. Arigatou! ^_^ If you'd rather talk with the moderator please im at aim: shinisangel or yahoo: narutosasuke121

~Moderator's LJ~